Well here we are, it’s the about page, I guess I should write something about myself, even though you are probably here because you think this is the contact page, which in fact it is, but it also happens to be the about page, so now I have to tell you about myself, cause that’s what freelancers do.


My name is Alberto Hernández, made in Venezuela, born in Portugal, raised on great music tastes and creative freedom. My family weren’t all necessarily artists but happen to be very creative and always allowed me and my sister to do shit we enjoyed, which I am very fortunate of. At around a decade old (i think?) I started playing guitar, like every young John Mayer aficionado in the late 2000’s would, fast forward a few years and the local scenes were blooming, metal bands popping out of every corner store, black vans and skinny jeans on every other leg and of course, guitars! I wasn’t gonna miss my chance to save rock & roll (spoiler alert I still haven’t), so I started playing in bands, writing our first songs in dirty rehearsal rooms, and figuring out how to record and produce them by ourselves, this is when my love for production & engineering began, via youtube tutorials and weird forum threads.


Eventually metal bands turned into rock bands, rock bands into indie bands and indie bands into trap side projects, no one liked genres anymore, and neither did I, that’s when I created a new creative outscape (Luar), one with no limits or boundaries. 

I started out by releasing a track every week as a way to improve my workflow, over time, the initial idea changed, but the basis remained the same, exploring different genres and sounds, from orchestral and cinematic music to trap and r&b, nothing was out of bounds. This brought me amazing opportunities to collaborate with very talented musicians and videographers, and help bring their visions to life, trough music production, composition, mixing, mastering and also design.  At last I enrolled in a Music Production & Sound Techniques course that gave me two amazing internship experiences in Portugal and Germany.

And that's pretty much where I'm at, I probably could've keep it more brief, but hey it's my website! Let's make music now.


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